Academics Classes:

Mamta Creations is a full fledged tuition centre wherein we educate students of CBSE and ICSE board from Standard 8 till 12. Till date, we have educated hundreds of students across these classes primarily in Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Hindi subjects, and they have passed their board examinations with flying colors.

Drawing Classes:

We also take specialized classes in Drawing, wherein we teach to draw various types of portraits, paintings and murals. We teach the students (including children, teens and adults) right from scratch till they become experts in these areas.

We understand Asian, particularly Indian, learners as no others do. Three decades of experience. A comprehensive and proprietary curriculum. A methodology that delivers. Bilingual approach to teaching English to help a seamless transition to thinking in English. Trained people across all verticals-from schools to Core banking, from IT to hospitality industry. Over 50 Corporate Clients. Pre-training, mid-training and post-training assessments. Customized training. Faculty Recruitment and training at HO. Mamta Creation's study material addresses the problems of non-native learners. It takes into account the way mother tongue idiom in thinking hinders the acquiring of communicative skills in English.

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